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Viber event notifications

Asgaros WordPress Forum - Viber Event Notification

Plugin works in conjunction with one of the best WordPress forums - Asgaros Forum

A very easy and easy-to-customize plugin for WordPress, which allows you to quickly receive messages to your Viber client about events taking place on the forum.

The plugin reports the following changes on the forum:

- Editing the answer
- Creating a new topic
- Answer in the subject
- Deleting a topic
- Delete reply

The plugin notifications in Viber, will be a great addition to your operational work with clients on your own forum supporting your business.

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Looks interesting, but when entering the link I come to a Russian site with Russian language only. Is this Plugin for Russian only?

As far as I understand you have to pay 500 something to get this plugin. Normally I don't buy anything from anyone without being able to test the product first.

Yes, while this plugin is in Russian, but preparing the English version of the plugin. If you have questions about the functionality of the plugin and how it works, I am ready to answer all your questions.

Yes, 500 - it means 500 rubles, in dollars will be 8 USD

Thanks, I understand know that this plugin works other way around I want. I was looking for a way to send Viber message directly to Forum. Sorry for my misunderstanding.

Anyway, I think for your own benefit it will be good to have a English version of the Plugin. And 500 rubles seems to be a nice price for the plugin:-)