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Using BuddyPress User Profiles with Asgaros


I've recently setup Asgaros and installed BuddyPress on my site as well. How do I set up BuddyPress as the Users profile so that this profile shows when the user clicks on profile in the Asgaros Forum. I'd also want to prevent the user from going into the backend of the Wordpress site to edit their profile, can they do this on the front end using Wordpress?

Hey Sophia,

to change URLs to the profile you can follow this instruction from Thomas:

But for that you have to insert the code into the functions.php of your theme. It is important that the whole procedure must be repeated with every update of the theme. It is better to create a child theme or your own plugin, as a result of which the adjustments are retained even with an update.

I am currently working on a plugin to enable exactly these changes through the WordPress admin area. If everything goes as planned, it will be available for download in about a week.

Hey Sophia,

my plugin is now published at Here is the direct link if you want to use it:

Just let me know if you need any help.