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Unable to add links (Using deprecated functionality of TinyMCE)

Hi Thomas,

Recently my site switched to a new theme called Salient. Since then, when I try to insert a link into a topic or a reply, nothing shows. With 'nothing' I mean the little window to enter the URL does not show. Only a default (placeholder) URL is added to the selected text, with not ability to change that. Give it a try. Here's the link to the forum:
User: RiderNumber1
Password: qwerty

The console is giving two messages:
> JQMIGRATE: Migrate is installed, version 3.3.2
> Deprecated TinyMCE API call: <target>.onNodeChange.add(..)

Salient is also using TinyMCE. My guess is, a newer version. All theme functions seem to work fine, including in Admin area.

Is there a chance you can upgrade Asgaros to work with the new TinyMCE? (assuming that would resolve this issue obviously)
Or any quick workaround I could try?


Hello @guido

Asgaros Forum is using the TinyMCE-version shipped with WordPress by default. Can you share some details about the error-message you mentioned, for example which script is causing this error?

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It's in script.min.js (in TinyMCE folder).
You can see the error message in console of any browser (I've tried chrome, safari, firefox)