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Turkish language


Hello, please check attached file. How can i change texts?  it's half turkish and half english. I want to make it complete turkish looking.

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Hey @bahisokulu-com,

the whole plugin can be translated on the official translating page of

To translate it into Turkish you can go directly to Just login with your user and search for the strings that you want to translate. After suggesting a translation, it must be approved by a Translation Editor. So just be aware that you will take some time.

guys i am turk already, i know and can help you for whole forum... it can be official turkish translated. For this main menu if i write all correct ones can you help me to my site too?

i am native turkish speaker, so i know all grammar and language perfectly. mother tongue.


On this main menu please use below ones:

Forum / Forum

Profil / Profilim (Profil needs to change because link refers personal profile, so it should be "Profilim"

Members / Üyeler

Abonelikler is right not need to change

Çıkış yap also right but you can use capital Y. It will be Çıkış Yap. Better use Çıkış Yap


For non logged users:

there is 2 more texts

Giriş can be Giriş Yap

Kayıt ol can use wilth capital O to combine whole menu... will be like Kayıt Ol


Please make these changes from forum or tell me how can i change it for my own forum.

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I really believe you that your Turkish is very well, but I'm only a user like you. I only wanted to help you and give you an advice how to change it. Maybe Thomas @asgaros can help you to approve your translations.

If you want to translate something only on your website, you can also use a plugin like "loco translate".  There you can change any strings locally on your website. But it's definitely better to share it with other users.

i changed a lost, please apply...

thank you @qualmy91

Hello @bahisokulu-com

Only native-speaking translation-mods can approve your translations in the WordPress-Translation repository.

As an alternative you can translate your forum by using the following plugin:

If you want to support the development of Asgaros Forum, you can leave a good review or donate. Thank you very much!

I am native speaker, and also knows all form terminology... trust me.