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Translation in Bulgarian

Hey guys, thank you for the great plugin! However, I need the forum translated in Bulgarian and I tried to use translation plugin. It messed up my theme, so I will appreciate your help on the matter.

I am also prepared to offer myself and translate everything there is to be translated from English to Bulgarian, so more people can enjoy your great work.

Looking forward to hear from you!

Hi @depobebemag

I using the loco translate plugins to translate the forum plugin in spanish, and so far zero problems and I have translated 100 the forum with him, hope this works for you.

Loco Translate

I can also suggest Loco Translate. 🙂

If you want to add missing translations for your language, you can use the official WordPress Plugin Translation website:

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Thanks everyone!

@ Asgaros, I already messaged in you in the other thread, let me finish it off and will the proceed to join as editor for future amendments.

Have a great day everyone!