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Toolbox for Asgaros Forum

Hello everyone,

after seeing that a lot of users have problems with coding, I created a plugin with some functions to customize Asgaros Forum from the WordPress admin area.

Right now, it has only a few functions but I'm planning to add some more features. Just let me know what you need or would like.


Toolbox for Asgaros Forum


Use Toolbox for Asgaros Forum to customize your Forum without the struggle to write some code. You can easily create
some custom menu entries or change the URL to the User Profile.


  • Add custom menu entries at the forum menu
  • Customize the Asgaros Forum URLs (e.g. Member List, Profile)
  • Shortcodes to integrate Asgaros Forum Profile in the ultimate Member Profile
  • Create a custom tab at the ultimate member profile for the forum history


  1. Install the plugin
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Go to “Toolbox-for-Asgaros-Forum” and select the tools that you want to use. The menu entries will appear after
    activating the tools.


Toolbox for Asgaros Forum is available at Just search it from your admin area or go directly to

If you need any help with the Plugin just contact me and don't forget to leave a good review if you like.

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very nice, not much use to me personally right this minute but awesome none the less. well done mate.

Just installed and works GREAT!!

Thank you