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Thread/Topic Cross-Linking ... is it possible

Hi all, first topic and getting straight down to business!  🙂  I want to find a forum software/app that can link topics.  Let me explain ...

I have 3 topic categories:  Products, Manufacturers, Reviewers.  The purpose of the forum is for members to share experiences of the products, the manufacturers and the reviewers.

As you would expect the manufacturers make the products and the reviewers review the products.  So if someone leaves a comment on a product I would like the forum thread to show a link to the thread on the manufacturer, to other threads on products produced by the manufacturer and to threads of any reviewer who has reviewed the product.  I do not expect the software to make the links ... I will create the links myself, I would just like the software to have the facility to show the links either automatically once I have made the "join" or have the facility for me to place the links at the top or down the side of the thread for the product.  I guess I'm wanting to bring relational database structure to a forum!

I would also like to do likewise for threads on the manufacturers and the reviewers so if anyone opens any thread it will show crosslinks to other related threads.

Maybe it's too tall an ask!  🙁

Hi there, I don't know if I understood you correctly.

If there is no possibility via the forum software, I would create the products as pages under Wordpress and then link them that way.


In addition, the pages can be integrated as forum post.


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