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The Link button on new posts isn't working

The link button on my forum doesn't seem to work with the forum - when I select the text I want to insert the link and then select the link button, it pushes me to the bottom of the page. When I try to scroll back up, it jumps back down the page again and the only way to get out of this problem is to go back a page and start again.

So for example on yours I can do a link like this to my blog - Scuba Diving Blog But on my forum, I have to enter it as a link like this instead:

It used to work before, but not sure whether it's a plugin problem?

My forum is here:

Thank you.

Hello @bowraven

This looks like an issue caused by your theme or one of your used plugins. I cannot exactly which one is causing this so the only way to figure this out is to disable other plugins one by one for testing-purposes.

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Hi - okay I thought that's what you might say - the theme has been running for some time, so it may be a plugin

hello, i want install this forum plugin for my kanalizaciis gawmenda page and this plugin is running all theme correct? i have karis gageba theme