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The Elden Ring Godskin Apostle boss

The version of the Godskin Apostle boss we're looking for—the one with the biggest Runes reward and the best equipment—can be found in Caelid's Divine Tower. View the above map, or while in Caelid scan the horizon for the tallest building you can see. It is situated northwest of the tiny Erdtree, close to Caelid's northern coast.

In the Elden Ring, a Divine Tower of Caelid tour is provided below: You must locate the root system that connects to the middle of the tower in order to access the inner structure. Till you enter the tower, adhere to this system. To begin some Elden Ring platforming, turn left from here. Follow the inner skirting of the structure by jumping a few times.

You will eventually get at The Divine Tower of Caelid: Basement Site of Grace if you keep going downhill. You are now quite close to the fog wall that serves as a warning that the Godskin Apostle is nearby.

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