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Thanks, What a great surprise ! (and suggestions)

Hi there,
I just discovered this plugin by chance and I am delighted. I just spent several months trying to get bbPress to work in my project without any real success. Indeed, in my case the forum is only the brick of a more complex set. In short, thank you for having thought this forum much less big (I would say fat) than bbPress.

Suggestions, I know everyone has different needs but I can think of 2 features that could concern everyone (FYI, I've been a freelance web designer for almost 20 years now, but I'm still not a php developer).

  1. Would it be complicated to put the access management at the level of the forums and not the categories. So a category can contain public or private forums. This would avoid the need to create duplicate categories. Example for a store with categories for product lines with public forums for docs and pre-sales questions and private forums for customers. In my case it is a totally private site with professional forums (health practitioners) including public and private parts with confidential information.
  2. Can we consider appointing moderators by category (or even forum) and not at the global level? In my case again, the dentist forum will have a different moderator than the kinesitherapist forum.


Finally, and this would be a gift from Santa Claus, to have individual bricks (with shortcodes for example) that could be used in elementor. I remain at your disposal to be more explicit if needed because my ideas are quite clear, since the time I test bbPress and elementor in all directions.

Thanks again anyway. The work you have done is from my point of view a big step forward for the Forums in WP.

Hello @brunov99

Thank you for your suggestions! Both of them are on my todo-list and I hope they can be included in one of the next updates! 🙂

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