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Suggested Feature - Infinite Scroll Activity Feed

I would love to be able to make an Activity feed with infinite scroll for the home page. This would work like a news feed similar to Facebook where users can see everything posted and go back as far as they want.

EDIT: I would also like to be able to add the like button and comments. The reason I want to accomplish this using your forum is so users can then go to the forum itself and search/browse for topics they need help with.

Another nice feature would be a widget with quick posting capabilities that I could add to the top of the feed. This widget would allow you to add a new topic with a drop-down to select which category to add it to.

All of this would motivate more users to get involved with the forum and start reading, commenting, and posting without getting overwhelmed by the forum structure itself.

Thanks for your suggestions! I will consider them for future updates. 🙂

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