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Simple Image Upload - Asgaros Forum


Updated the old plugin, now works with the forum 🙂

This is a very simple alternative to attachment mod.
It works only with images and allows users to quickly add images to posts.
All images are stored on third party image hosting service and bbcode for
images is automatically inserted in posts when users upload images.
Thumbnails are automatically created on image hosting server.
This mod is very easy to install and very easy to use.

Other options and language settings are available here:


Change the language:


var postimage_lang="english";
var postimage_add_text="Add image to post";

english - Replace

  english  (default)
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This is really a nice implementation, Yworld! 🙂

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No problem 🙂

Thomas, thanks for the plugin!

Hi Yworld

I've downloaded your zip folder to my computer and unzipped the files.

My wordpress site with Asgaros forum is hosted by Hostpapa.

The readme.txt file has no content.

I presume the postimage.php and the wordpress-English.js files need to be uploaded to somewhere on Hostpapa but I have no idea where - can you or someone else help?

I have looked in a Cpanel-File Manager area and see the file structure for the Asgaros Forum as shown in the uploaded screen shot in case that helps.

Once the files are uploaded to the correct place, is there anything else I need to do to see that functionality appearing for ordinary users of the forum?

I'd be grateful for any comments on this (or if there is a simpler way to get this functionality since your post of January this year).





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Hi @gerald

Install as a normal plugin.

Thanks for the very quick response.

When I go to dashboard/plugins, I can search for plugins but don't know what to search for?

Also, if I try to install the zip file (which in theory it says it can do) it doesn't seem to recognise the zipped folder (ie it won't let me download that folder).

If I go to the unzipped folder, I don't see a plugin file as such ie I only see the two files I previously mentioned.

So pardon my ignorance, but are both the php and js files considered to be plugin files which I should install separately or am I missing something? You can probably tell I'm new to this technology but would like to learn.




folder simple-image-upload -> /public_html/wp-content/plugins/


Thanks for your patience.

I tried that and it would not let me upload the folder, so I just uploaded the php file. I also separately uploaded the js file into a js folder.

Then I went to the plugins folder where it duly appeared and I activated the SimpleImage plugin.

I updated the page with the Forum and then logged into the forum as an ordinary user to make a rely or create a new topic but cannot see the option to "Add image to post" like you show in your example.

My wordpress theme is the plain standard theme that comes when I recently installed wordpress in case that makes a difference - the forum is in the standard sample page.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

Thanks for any further comments.



I checked again, everything works


I downloaded the archive ->downloaded as a plugin -> activated

Everything works, ideas run out 🙂

Thanks for testing that it works.

When you "download the archive and download as a plugin" does your system allow you to download the whole zipped folder because neither my cpanel/file manager or my wordpress/plugins/add new allows me to do that - ie I can only install (or download) an individual file.

That may not make any difference, but maybe someone who understands more about internet technology can think of more clues.

In the meantime, I'll have a fiddle and let this site know if I find anything useful.

Thanks once again for your time and suggestions.