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Shortcode question

Hi everyone,

Are there any shortcodes to display outside Asgaros for the current user "my topics", "my replies" and "my submissions".
In fact it is to use them in the Buddypress feed in the user tabs.

Thank you for your attention.

Hey @brunov99,

at the moment there are only the following shortcodes:

`[forum post="POSTID"]`
`[forum topic="TOPICID"]`
`[forum forum="FORUMID"]`
`[forum category="CATEGORYID"]`
`[forum category="CATEGORYID1,CATEGORYID2"]`

So if you want to add this to BuddyPress, you would have to write a plugin to add these features.

With "Ultimate Member" in combination with my plugin "Toolbox for Asgaros Forum", you would get the same history tab like in the profile of Asgaros Forum.

If you ever wonder how to return the favour for helping you.