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Several Questions Please

I do not have a website as of yet, which is why I need to ask a few questions about your forum:

1.  if and when I share a post on my asgaros forum from any social media website, such as Facebook, for example, do all the photos in the shared post automatically appear in the new post in the asgaros forum, or will I have to buy an extension?

2.  If I create a new post with a list, for example, of vets and vet clinics in Mandaluyong City, Philippines, and then I do a search for just Mandaluyong (without the word City), will the search pull up all the entries with just the word Mandaluyong, or will it have to find a string that has both Mandaluyong and City for the entry to be pulled by the search?

3.  Is the asgaros forum already fully integrated with buddy press upon installation, or is that something that still has to be attended to by a new user?

4.  I noticed that one of your users in your showcase has a tab that says Facebook Groups, (but still no entry), does this indicate that this is where the admin can list all Facebook groups that he finds necessary to list, with links back to Facebook?

5.  does the plugin already come with a feature that will allow users of well known social media sites to connect automatically to an asgaros forum without having to do anything else, or does this involve installing another plugin and customizing it?

6.  how hard or how difficult is it to migrate from another wordpress forum with already a lot of entries to asgaros, and would that be simple enough for a novice to accomplish?

Waiting for your response.  Thank you so much.

Hello @man-o-man

1: Not sure, you want to share your forum-topic on a social-media-platform or you want to embed social-media-content in your forum?

2: Yes, the search goes by word, you dont need to enter the complete phrase.

3: BuddyPress-integration is available as a custom-plugin here:

4: Not aware of that, can you share an example?

5: Asgaros Forum is using the login/registration-management of WordPress. If you want to connect your site to a social-media-platform, you have to find a plugin for that.

6: Currently I dont provide any migration-scripts so you probably have to migrate your database-table to the Asgaros Forum format.

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