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Send PM private messages

Hello. I am looking for a way for forum users to be able to send private messages to each other. Or administration to send messages to users.
Do you have any idea?

Hello @rafalgt

I dont have any plans yet to implement a Private Messaging system into the forum because its a little bit out of scope. If there is a need for Private Messaging, the forum can be connected to other plugins for this purpose. I also plan to add BuddyPress support in a future update which also has a Private Messaging functionality.

BuddyPress integration will be available in one of the upcoming bigger updates (v1.14 or v1.15).

If you have coding experience you can also replace the profile manually with the one provided by BuddzPress for example:

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In that case, I will wait for the update 🙂 May it come as soon as possible. Txs