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Searching doesn't work

I've tested with several theme's (Big Brother, Payne, Bento) and only the Asgaros plugin enabled, and the result is always: no search results are found. Not if I'm a guest user but also not as an admin user.
The problem occurs on a clean installed site as well.
Normal (WP) search is working great.

What can I do to solve this critical problem (a forum without search capabilities is useless).

Hello Theo Jager,

please first keep in mind that the search is looking for the post-content and not the headline of a topic. Some special words are also ignored by default (and, or, me, etc ...). Which search-string have you used for testing?

It could be possible, that your database could not create a search-index for some reason which is necessary for the search functionality. In thise case you have to create it manually for example with phpMyAdmin:

ALTER TABLE wp_forum_posts ENGINE = MyISAM;
ALTER TABLE wp_forum_posts ADD FULLTEXT (text);


Thanks for elaborating on the search scope, Asgoras! Why is the topic excluded (unlike the standard WP search algorithm)?

I've used a very simple search string: 1 unique word, and on both components, topic and content. This is word was for sure not excluded by your 'common words' filter.
I'll let you know shortly the result of the queries.

Why is the topic excluded

Good point. Basically I implemented that simple search-functionality one day to provide a basic way to find content. I guess its time for some improvements! 🙂

That would be wonderful, especially when the ETA is soon 😉
On one of the themes it's working now as you explained: content-only search.

In an old thread on this forum I read that you considered to use the default WP engine (which would be wonderful from a simplicity point of view) but in the end you built your own search field. The argument you used had to do with the fact that the results from WP end the forum would be mixed up, and that might be confusing. For me, the beauty of a standard WP search is the global search: every result will be presented, regardless of its origin, and the user can decide which results will be useful. I can imagine that a search from within the forum can be executed by the default WP engine, but with a forum parameter only forum results will be displayed. This parameter could then be a user preference.

My 2.5 cents 😉

In an old thread on this forum I read that you considered to use the default WP engine but in the end you built your own search field.

Yes. The main reason why I could not do this is the fact that WordPress does not provide an API which allows me to hook into the search-results to search content in custom plugin tables in an elegant way. Basically it was possible but I had to modify core-database-queries which means, that I have to update it with each new WordPress version which is not a satisfactory solution at all. And there was a big risk that it would lead to issues with other plugins as well. Thats why I came up with the current solution.

If one day WordPress offers a more powerful way to do this, I will improve this for sure!

@asgaros Hello Asgaros, thanks for making such a great plugin available for free.

Perhaps you can use this approach to integrate into the global wordpress search?

I'm interested in searches on my site to display content from the forum. But at the moment I seem to be getting no luck. Any pointers pointers on this?

Eben Monney

@emonney Currently there is still no good solution for this. While this or some other "hacky" solution can work in some way, another plugin which hooks into the search-functionality or an update to WordPress can break the entire site and make it unusable until it gets fixed manually.

I will keep monitoring it and will make changes to the functionality as soon as the WordPress core provides a safe API for it.