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Removing the header bar

If you refer to the attached / below image I wish to remove the bar that would usually hold the page title. I have added the below code to the themes CSS with no luck also.  I would like to also reduce the gap on the center up arrow in the diagram from the title bar to the site menu


#af-wrapper #forum-header-container {
display: none;


Hey @d3fcon,

I checked your website with chrome and the Header Container is not visible anymore. Do you still have this problems?

ul#primary-menu > {
    margin: 0 10px;

This css code reduce the spacing of your menu. Just change the 10px to another value to change the spacing. The actual value is 15px. If there are no changes add !important:

ul#primary-menu > { 
margin: 0 10px !important; 

Always turn off the caching of your Browser and the Website while changing CSS Code. If not the changes will not appear on your browser instantly.

Actually it was the Elemnator / page builder title. once removed title in page setting problem resolved.