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Removing Member Indicators

How can I remove the member indicators from the bottom of the forum display.

Basically although I want this particular forum to be usable by the public, I don't want to expose all those who've signed up to contribute to the website. They were previously visible when I first installed the forum, via Members List. I've found out from the documentation how to remove that and done so, but the Member Indicators are still there mentioning the latest created website account and the currently active ones.

Really I don't want people who've signed up to contribute to the website to automatically be forum members, and vice versa. It should be a matter of choice whether the contributors join the forum, and members of the public who've created a forum account should only be enabled to have a website account if that is agreed with us site admins.

I've also made the forum only visible if logged in of course.


Another issue, but related to the above.

The 'Settings' tab in the Forum section of Wordpress admin seems to make no difference between different forums. What if I want different settings in different forums? I've now set up a second forum which is to be private and only accessible, or even visible, to project members.

Can no-one help me?

Hey @matmcv,

Asgaros Forum is using the default user management of WordPress, so every user of the website is automatically a user of the forum. If you want to separate them, you would have to run Asgaros Forum on a separate installation of WordPress.

But if a user is only a subscriber he can't do anything at your website by default. So you still have to change the role of the user if you want him to allow to contribute to your website.

If you want to restrict a specific forum you can assign this forum to a usergroup, so only users of this usergroup are able to see it:

User Groups


If you ever wonder how to return the favour for helping you.

@qualmy91, thanks. However I still can't see how to suppress the Member Indicators, or how to set different settings for different forums. I mean in /wp-admin/admin.php?page=asgarosforum-options, not the usergroups/categories etc. things which I understand.

Hey @matmcv,

what do you mean with member indicators?

It is not possible to set different settings for different forums. The only way to make one forum private is to assign it to a usergroup and add this usergroup to the users that you want to be able to use this forum. Or what kind of settings do you want to set?


If you ever wonder how to return the favour for helping you.


I can't find evidence in the documentation of member indicators, but I'm sure I read about them there. Basically it's the bit at the bottom of the forum that says "Newest Member:" and "Currently Online:".

To be honest I don't really want to create a public forum now, only a private one, and for that it doesn't matter if the currently online and newest members are named at the bottom. I wouldn't need different settings for different forums either so I guess I no longer have a query!