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I ran across your forum plugin and started to read up about it. I'm currently using BBpress since it was the most supported in the Wordpress world.

I really like your plugin and it's "out of the box" features. I can see that you've put thought and passion into your product.

I would like to switch, but I have some concerns since my community is integrated with Buddypress. I noticed in another thread you were working on a Buddypress integration?

I also use gravity forms on my website and I've created a custom form that upon user submit, executes a function that takes all of that form's content and post it as a bbpress topic. Is it possible to do the same thing with Asgaros Forum?

Also, I use Dev4Pres's BBPress Toolbox Pro and Topics and Prefix. Is there any way to have thread prefixes as an addon for the form?

Sorry for so many questions, I'm just weighing my options before I make any kinds of switches.

Thanks for your time and reply in advance.

Hello @erich199

Yes, I am planning to work on a BuddyPress integration-addon but I havent started yet.

An automatic topic-creation based on Gravity Forms should also be possible but would require some custom implementation because I dont want to implement third-party extension-code into the core of the plugin directly.

Topic prefixes/status are on my todo-list but I cannot tell you yet when they will be available.

If you want to support the development of Asgaros Forum, you can leave a good review or donate. Thank you very much!

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