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Problme with profil pic recently (bigger)

Hello @Asgaros

There's a problem recently with one of your hotfix, When a user have a "Gravatar" picture (icon profil) it seem to be "BIGGER" than other user profil pic on the forum, here's a picture to show you :

Can you fix this later or? Thanks you so much ! Keep up the good work !

Hello @thekillian

I read about an issue like this before which was caused by a plugin which ignored the passed size-value to the WordPress core-function which returns the avatar. Can you provide me a link to your forum so I can have a look?

Hey @Asgaros

Here is it !

Tell me if you need another thing πŸ˜‰

Hello @thekillian

This issue is caused by your theme. Please add the following code toΒ Forum -> Appearance -> Custom CSS:

#af-wrapper .forum-poster-avatar img,
#af-wrapper .topic-poster-avatar img {
    height: 40px; /* comp */
    width: 40px; /* comp */
    margin: 0; /* comp */
    padding: 0; /* comp */

I will include this style-fix also in the upcoming update.

Thanks you @Asgaros

I'll wait for the update (I don't want to break up the CSS Code or the website). Wait and see.

Thanks again for your time to look for the error that is awesome you are listening your community! πŸ˜€


@thekillian There is no risk in breaking anything if you add this code to the custom css-area. So just give it a try. πŸ™‚

I also cant give you any date about the next update yet. Its planned for end of April when I am back from China and finished my master thesis, but depending on how things are going it can be later.