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Problem with Appearance colors

Hello , I just launched my platform and I have problems getting the appearance the same in different browsers ?

The color and text size is different between Chrome and MS Edge. The MS Edge one suprisingly has the colors I chose.

Also one of my members even has another completely different look on his computer. They all look like the different versions I played with.

Any idea how to fix ?

This is the forum :


Some new info , Chrome seems to be the problem. I have it and another user.

MS Edge works fine.

Hi @schwerpunkt73

Also ich habe mir gerade deine Seite in Chrome und Edge angeschaut und sie sieht gleich aus.
Besteht das Problem noch? Dann eventuell mal Browserchache löschen.

Beste Grüße


I haven't cleared the cache yet but now  I have user log in issues.

Thanks for the suggestion.

The log in issue was solved by deactivating Jetpack log in.

Sounds like a caching-issue for me. Ensure that you disable caching-plugins for the page which contains your forum-shortcode.

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