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Posts not for everyone.

Is it possible for the post to be visible in part for everyone and the selected fragment of the post visible only for selected groups, roles?

Hey @rafalgt,

it's not possible by default, but you can install a plugin to restrict specific content using a shortcode.

After setting up the plugin you only have to allow shortcodes in the settings of Asgaros Forum and it should work:

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Have already searched but found nothing right. (Unfortunately only for Wordpress posts)


Do you know such a plugin and if so, which one would you recommend?

Hey Reiner,

I would try to use this plugin:

Content Control – User Access Restriction Plugin

The plugin also enables you to restrict access to certain parts of a page/post using shortcodes e.g [content_control]Logged in content[/content_control]

If you ever wonder how to return the favour for helping you.

I've tested it and it works.

Provided the user group exists.  Here is the group "Macher"

[content_control roles="macher"]Here is your text to be hidden[/content_control]

But if it's just about hiding posts from guests, then the forum spoiler is just the thing.

In the forum settings, the tick for Hide spoilers from logged-out users should be set for Spoiler.




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