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I'm lost in trying to locate permissions for creation of a sub-topic.

I'm creating a forum site for authors of multiple genres and supporters.

So ... for structure I want to have similar to:

Genres (Categories)
-- Works in Progress (Forum)
---- Story (Topic) (Made by member and editable ONLY by member creator)
------ Story Chapters (sub-topic) (Made by member and editable ONLY by member creator)
-------- Comments (Replies) (any member can comment)
-- Finished Works
---- Story (Topic) (Closed)
------ Story Chapters (sub-topic) (Closed)
-------- Comments (Replies) (Closed)

Perhaps the Story level needs to be Sub-Forum?
And then Topics could be Chapters?

But I still do not know how to set permissions on what permissions levels allow creation of Sub-Forums?


@pissedvet, I don't have the whole answer, but yes, story level needs to be subforum, because I don't think there is such a thing as sub-topic.  So you'll have (for the first hierarchy):

Genres (Categories)
-- Works in Progress (Forum)
---- Story (Subforum)
------ Story Chapters (Topic)
--------Comments (Replies)

To create categories, forums, and subforums requires administrative access to the back end.  With some coding or a plugin, it might be possible to give such "capabilities" to users that are elevated to WordPress roles such as "editor" or "author".  Then you need to find a way to allow creating topics for only a subset of people, like a user group.  I don't understand what "member" and "member creator" mean to you, so can't really take it farther.




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