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New user registration problem


I set up a forum and when new users try to register they get the Wordpress registration page and the message "User registration is currently not allowed."


From wp dashboard and the forum settings I can't seem to find a place to allow new registration.


Any help?  Suggestions?



The forum plugin for registering users uses the standard wordpress features. To do this, enable registration in the wordpress settings.

That's it thanks @rusev!

thanks for asking the question @ggroos.

i have the same issue but i can't seem to find the WP setting where users can be allowed to register. would you mind sharing the information?


Pointed out in steps (RU)

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thanks. found it.

yes, users are able to register. but they end up in the WP user settings page which i find complex for simple forum contributors expecting to fall back on the forum page after a simple registering phase.

Put a registration plugin with the setting of redirection to the desired page.
There are also plugins for setting up the User’s personal account. You can make it as easy to use as possible.

that's what i did. it seems to work fine now. am still investigating.