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My Forums Rocking Asgaros Plugin

Hi guys, I've been a fan of this plugin for a few months now. I just want to say Asgaros Forum Plugin gets an 11 out 10 from me. I can't sing it praises enough.

I'm currently using the plugin on 2 of my websites considering switching a third site too it later this month.


Here are my sites Using Asgaros Forum Plugin:

Niche Questions - An Internet marketing forum & make money online building passive niche websites.

Predator Slingshots - You guessed it a forum all about shooting and hunting with slingshots.

Both are a work in progress, I'm still getting around to customizing them will happen one day. I've been looking over some of the forums here in the showcase and they look awesome. gonna have to try to pick some people's brains for ideas.

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I loved the colors of the second forum. And I totally agree that this is one of the best plugins in the entire "wordpress universe".

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