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Move Forums to New Website

Seeking your guidance on how to move the forums to a new website w/o the ability to clone the site to a new one. Long story but find myself in a position where this is required. Appreciate your help, thank you.

..... Rick

I use the plugin UpdraftPlus.

I can use it to back up data to my PC or to an external FTP.

For my test site I installed Wordpress and UpdraftPlus.

So I was able to import the backup onto my test page.

I then had to adjust the URL in the database.

If the url remains the same, then nothing further needs to be done after the restore.


Thank you for the prompt reply. Familiar with updraft but have not seen it used to import data for a single plugin. Just want to export the forums from one site and import into another.

As I said, I've done this a few times.

After selecting the backup, you can then choose what you want to import again.

Don't be surprised, these are now the backups of the test page.
The current website is backed up 3 times a day. 😉

I have Updraft Plus also.  But I think you can't restore just one plugin, can you?  You can restore the plugins backup (all plugins), but it would be more 'surgical' to install the fresh plugin in the target Wordpress.  Either way, then you'd have to restore the database, which I guess would overwrite the entire target database.  I don't think it can pick out just the database entries related to one plugin, or can it?

I always transferred everything to my test website and then uninstalled the plugins that I no longer needed.


@biker Sorry to be a pest, but I think that just gets you the plugin, without any forum data.

I think it would be possible to create SQL queries that would extract just the forum-specific entries from the database and add them to a destination database without overwriting its data.  But it would be complicated because, in addition to the plugin's own wp_forum_* tables, Asgaros stores data in tables that are also used by Wordpress and other plugins.

A 1:1 mirroring is carried out.

The posts from the original forum are taken over until the time of the data backup.