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List of available Hooks and Filters

The following list contains all available Hooks and Filters which you can use to extend and modify your installation of the Asgaros Forum plugin.


  • asgarosforum_after_post_author
  • asgarosforum_after_post_message
  • asgarosforum_after_add_topic_submit
  • asgarosforum_after_add_post_submit
  • asgarosforum_after_edit_post_submit
  • asgarosforum_{current_view}_custom_content_top
  • asgarosforum_{current_view}_custom_content_bottom
  • asgarosforum_editor_custom_content_bottom
  • asgarosforum_statistics_custom_element
  • asgarosforum_statistics_custom_content_bottom
  • asgarosforum_admin_show_custom_category_data
  • asgarosforum_before_delete_post
  • asgarosforum_before_delete_topic
  • asgarosforum_after_delete_post
  • asgarosforum_after_delete_topic
  • asgarosforum_custom_forum_column
  • asgarosforum_custom_topic_column
  • asgarosforum_custom_profile_content
  • asgarosforum_custom_profile_menu
  • asgarosforum_custom_header_menu
  • asgarosforum_prepare_{current_view}
  • asgarosforum_widget_recent_posts_custom_content
  • asgarosforum_widget_recent_topics_custom_content
  • asgarosforum_wp_head
  • asgarosforum_bottom_navigation
  • asgarosforum_usergroup_{ID}_add_user
  • asgarosforum_usergroup_{ID}_remove_user
  • asgarosforum_prepare
  • asgarosforum_breadcrumbs_{current_view}
  • asgarosforum_content_top
  • asgarosforum_content_header
  • asgarosforum_after_category
  • asgarosforum_after_forum
  • asgarosforum_after_topic
  • asgarosforum_after_post
  • asgarosforum_content_bottom
  • asgarosforum_add_admin_submenu_page


  • asgarosforum_filter_login_message
  • asgarosforum_filter_post_username
  • asgarosforum_filter_post_content
  • asgarosforum_filter_post_shortcodes
  • asgarosforum_filter_editor_settings
  • asgarosforum_filter_editor_buttons
  • asgarosforum_filter_get_posts
  • asgarosforum_filter_get_threads
  • asgarosforum_filter_get_posts_order
  • asgarosforum_filter_get_threads_order
  • asgarosforum_filter_notify_global_topic_subscribers_message
  • asgarosforum_filter_notify_topic_subscribers_message
  • asgarosforum_filter_notify_mentioned_user_message
  • asgarosforum_filter_insert_custom_validation
  • asgarosforum_filter_subject_before_insert
  • asgarosforum_filter_content_before_insert
  • asgarosforum_filter_widget_title_length
  • asgarosforum_subscriber_mails_new_post
  • asgarosforum_subscriber_mails_new_topic
  • asgarosforum_filter_error_message_require_login
  • asgarosforum_filter_user_groups_taxonomy_name
  • asgarosforum_filter_avatar_size
  • asgarosforum_filter_profile_link
  • asgarosforum_filter_history_link
  • asgarosforum_filter_forum_menu
  • asgarosforum_filter_topic_menu
  • asgarosforum_filter_post_menu
  • asgarosforum_filter_members_link
  • asgarosforum_filter_automatic_topic_title
  • asgarosforum_filter_automatic_topic_content
  • asgarosforum_filter_widget_avatar_size
  • asgarosforum_filter_get_sticky_topics_order
  • asgarosforum_user_replacements

I am a novice.  How does one use such hooks and filters Sir?

You can find a tutorial on how to use hooks and filters here:

But coding-experience is necessary to use them.

Thank you once again for the "direction" of the API.  Unfortunately I do not have the time to get into learning how to design plugins or learn all "the api" things.

Is there a "Argos Job Board" where "people that have knowledge of your plugin" can be hired to customize?


S Valencia

Quote from Steve on February 18, 2018, 3:21 pm

Thank you once again for the "direction" of the API.  Unfortunately I do not have the time to get into learning how to design plugins or learn all "the api" things.

Is there a "Argos Job Board" where "people that have knowledge of your plugin" can be hired to customize?


S Valencia

What do you need help with? Maybe i can help...You can send me a message if you'd like.


is there a description with the function of the Hooks and Filters?


Not yet, but I plan to provide an API documentation one day when the code is ready.

Hi all,

im new to WP and Asgaros Forum also. I'm confused in using filter hooks in forum. i'm not certain that what should i pass as variables to filter hooks. where can i find that what to be passed.

Eg: asgarosforum_filter_history_link , when i use this hook it gives error in page  saying that only 1 argument passed but need 2 of arguments. i want to get the link of history page link.

please explain this or give any resource link to me to study about  this hooks which has demo.

Hello @nimeshanuradha

An official API-documentation is not available yet. To get more information about the filters arguments you have to check its definition directly inside the code.

The asgarosforum_filter_history_link filter takes two arguments:

  • the profile-link
  • the user-object

Both information can be used to modify this link, for example:

function my_history_link($link, $user) {
  // do something ...
  return $link;
add_filter('asgarosforum_filter_history_link', 'my_history_link', 10, 2);