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James the Dentist Budda Baker Tells Story of his A

A 26-year-old man named James spent some alone time at a bar in the Valley on Saturday night, enjoying some "water" and conversations.James turned out to be Arizona Cardinals safety Budda Baker, who Jason Terry Jersey told reporters Monday that he succe sfully hid his identity by using an alias."I didn't really meet some friends but I had a few conversations, talked to a couple people. my name was James; It was cool," Baker said to a group of laughing media members after the first day of Thon Maker Jersey OTAs. "We had a good time."He was not asked if the name "James" was inspired by his teammate James Conner.Baker said the bar was dark, so he went unrecognized throughout the night. Apparently the patrons had not heard any of his Mic'd Up segments on YouTube.Scroll to ContinueHe tweeted on Saturday that he was proud to go to a bar alone, describing himself as an introvert.Baker said he just walked in, took a seat, sat back Spencer Hawes Jersey and had a "water" or two, simple as that, while holding up a bottle of water in the media room,His profe sion did not come up in conversion, but if it had, he had no plans to disclose he Oscar Robertson Jersey is an All-Pro football player for the local NFL team."We didn't get to that extent," Baker said. "But, if they would have asked my profe sion, I probably would have said like, 'I'm a dentist,' or something. 'Like you're a dentist, how old are you?' 'Forty five.'"So, if anyone ran into someone who Mirza Teletovic Jersey went by the name "James" on Saturday night, maybe go listen to Baker's pre s conferences to see if his voice sounds at all familiar.