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Installed Asgaros plugin. Error message. Images don't show


I am learning WordPress on a localhost install.

Installed several plugins:

  • Aksimet
  • WP Smush
  • Easy Google fonts
  • WP forms
  • Forminator
  • Contact form 7
  • Asgharos forum

Uninstalled two contact form plugins and Asgaros. Deleted the pages they created, deactivated plugin then deleted plugin.

I got a message similar to one on this forum: preg_match(): Compilation failed: nothing to repeat at offset 1 in… wp-includes/class-wp.php – Support – Asgaros Forum

My message was

compilation failed: quantifier does not follow a repeatable item at offset \wp-includes\class-wp.php on line 223  

I turned off PHP errors as I had removed these plugins and just installed WordPress with a few text image pages. (see attached image)

Now I notice images don't show up on my site. Just a blank space where image / video / random embed should be.

The placeholder images showed before this.

Now adding removing images multiple times, they show up in Media library.

But won't display on a page or blogpost or start page with blogposts.

I need to fix this as I have a deadline.

How can I get images back after removing this plugin?


EDIT to add screenshot of the class-wp.php code lines 

and image showing in theme customizer mode

Uploaded files:
  • error-images-dont-show.png
  • turn-off-error.png
  • error-image-shows-in-customize-mode.png

Hello @wplearner857

Probably this issue should be fixed with the latest version of the plugin.

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