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Increase the size of Thumbs Up ?

While I'd prefer just the postive response and leave out the negatives I'm probably an odd one out on that.


However, I think my membership tend to not notice the reaction icons and so there are  fewer hits than is normal for our forum. I know this only because over 9 years using the same type of content and audience/contributors,  on a different but similar platform, there were a great number of positives. Members were encouraged to use it  as a minimal but valuable feedback for the poster.

But I digress.

Is it possible to at least increase the size of the buttons, and maybe optionally change the color if each, individually if possible?.

With just a thumbs up it then becomes  pleasing to see who gave  them. Definitely not on though  if negatives are to be shown as well.


But, if not, at all, then I'll just try to to promote the thumbs as they are.

I've looked at other Plugins but they are either besotted with Facebook or are too complicated, and in some cases, just do not work in Asgaros.


Hello @nemo

You can hide the dislike-button and increase the font-size of the reaction-buttons by adding the following code to Forum -> Appearance -> Custom CSS:

#af-wrapper .post-reactions .reaction-number,
#af-wrapper .post-reactions .reaction-icon:before {
font-size: 18px !important;

#af-wrapper .post-reactions .down {
display: none !important;

It is also possible to change the color of them, for example:

#af-wrapper .post-reactions .up {
color: blue !important;


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Thanks for that, in and  fired  up!

Use the inspect element in browser to find the right css code and increase the values to update the size.