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Including sitemap xml or achievement google index the forum and content

One question, How can  index the forum / content to google? For sitemap Form, I can not find a form, tutorial, topic or aspect that gives me information about it, On my site I have installed "All  in One a SEO Pack" plugin and I have these lines created, A little help could not be done as if it had not worked as well as the incorporation to send the data to Google and the indexes automatically as inputs. Greetings, I hope your help

Hello @sparuso

Asgaros Forum uses built-in SEO-functionality so its best to disable other seo-extensions for the page only which contains the forum-shortcode. Your topics and forums should get indexed automatically after a while. A sitemap-functionality is currently not included in Asgaros Forum because all contents of the forum is accessible for search-engines without any problems based on its logical structure.

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