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Import SMF 1.1.21 Forum & Userdatabase

Hey guys,

im thinking of switching to Asgaros but wondering if it is possible to import the user database and the forum-structure and its threads from SMF 1.1.21 to Asgaros and Wordpress, any idea? Couldnt find something in the forum here.

Best Regards

Hey @lyrics1988

I don't know how SMF is structured, but as long as your able to get the full database from SMF it should be no problem to import your Forum to Asgaros Forum.

Unfortunately there is no kind of automation for it. So you have to check the databases and copy the entries from the SMF tables to the Asgaros tables. So even if it's possible it will be quite a lot of work to do this and you need some knowledge in SQL and probably also PHP.

Thanks for your reply!
Yeah we will do it manually then.