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How to remove AJAX just on Forum page?


I am the owner of a webradio and I am facing a problem with Asgaros Forum.

When loading the page from the main menu, the layout of the page is wrong and users need to REFRESH the page in order for the problem to be solved.

I noticed that other users had the same problem and a solution would be to disable AJAX.  However, if AJAX is disabled, the radio player does not function properly.

Thus, I would like to ask if there is any way to disable AJAX only on Asgaros Forum page.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards, Extremio

PS. Screenshot 4 is before refreshing / Screenshot 5 is after refreshing

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Hello @extremio

Asgaros Forum itself does not require AJAX on the overview. I guess that the issue is caused by the way on how your theme is loading the pages content. I suggest you to contact their developers so they can provide you a solution for this issue.

If you want to support the development of Asgaros Forum, you can leave a good review or donate. Thank you very much!