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How to hide search menu

i want to hide search menu iin header, how to do that?

Hello @suryoes

Have you tried to disable the search-functionality in the settings (Forum -> Settings -> Features)?

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ok thank you

Search does not work well. finds only forums, not posts by request.

@suryoes  if you want to delete that whole section at the top (what I did also), because it interferes with  your layout just go to the plugin section in your WP dashboard, go edit the forum and look for INCLUDES/forum.php

At line 1631 you will find the following and you just need to comment it out like I did below.

/* echo '<div id="forum-header">';
echo '<div id="forum-navigation-mobile">';
echo '<a>';
echo '<span class="fas fa-bars"></span>';
echo __('Menu', 'asgaros-forum');
echo '</a>';
echo '</div>';

echo '<span class="screen-reader-text">'.__('Forum Navigation', 'asgaros-forum').'</span>';

echo '<div id="forum-navigation">';
echo '<a class="home-link" href="'.$this->get_link('home').'">'.__('Forum', 'asgaros-forum').'</a>';



echo '</div>';

echo '<div class="clear"></div>';
echo '</div>';*/

I wish there was a way to disable this in the forum admin section.

One more thing, if you comment the top section out the FORUM title can be commented out also... it's just to wide to sit there.

So, I commented out line 720


in the same forum.php file.