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how to get notified when a new subscriber registers

Hello, I have 2 forums and manually allow access to new subscribers to a specific forum depending who they are, but I am not being notified when someone registers...  is there a way that an Administrator or Moderator is notified when someone registers? I assumed one of the forum roles would be notified, but they do not receive an email when a new subscriber signs up. Your assistance is appreciated!!

Helllllooooo.....Can anyone tell me how to get notified when someone registers??? seems it should be pretty straight forward, but the Administrator and/or Moderator roles are not being notified.

Hello @k5

The site-owner should automatically receive a mail when a new user registers. Because the registration-management is a core-functionality of WordPress - and not a part of Asgaros Forum itself - you can have a look for plugins which allows you to further control this behavior.

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