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How to customize forum look way beyond just changing colors...

I purchased a plugin named Yellow Pencil about a year ago. The other day I got this thought that it might work with this forum. My expectations were that it won't but thought I'd try it anyway. Well it works. I can change colors and backgrounds etc.... I can even change width of the content area so forum can be wider. I can add background patterns, images (provided uploads or from the website media section or external source upload), Gradient colors, text (you can add text, or customize the text that already exists).

And what I like most is that no real editing is being done to the original coding. This is like a overlay so if you delete the changes it goes right back to original so if you need to start over or just want the original look, a couple of clicks and it's done. The plugin was originally made to add edit ability in areas where some themes don't have it. Like have you ever really liked a them but the content area was way too skinny? With this you can fix that.  So you get custom theme editing and forum editing as well. And no this is not spam, I don't sell it or make money off it.

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And here's an example of how I customized my own forum. It's stuck in you have to login mode because I made the mistake of deleting guest group. But if you use the FaceBook login option you won't have to register to see forum.