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How to change @user name for mentioning

I have a case where  customers would automatically be assigned a user name, which would then display in the forum.  I have since disabled that feature and users now have to create their own user name.  my problem is that existing users, even after changing their user name, still have the old user name referenced for "mentioning".  I read through some older posts on this but the solution was to turn off mentioning.  I want keep mentioning enabled but need to modify a couple of existing customers.  Do I need to edit the fields in MySQL?

Please let me know how to fix this.



Hey @sailor-rick,

by default it is not possible to change the username in WordPress, you can only change their display name or nickname. Here is a guide on how to change the username in WordPress:

How To Change Your WordPress Username (Manually Or With A Plugin)

Keep in mind that your users are not able to log in with their old username after changing it.

If you ever wonder how to return the favour for helping you.

Sorry, I wasnt clear.  I have a plugin that allows me to change a user name, but even after doing so the @mention name stays with the original user name description being displayed.  How can I edit this to match the new user name?

Hey @sailor-rick,

can you please check your database table "wp_users" if your plugin also changed the user-nicename? This is the field that Asgaros is using.

If you ever wonder how to return the favour for helping you.

That did the trick !



I just created an account to post this very question.

My WP user info is integrated with other system, so I can't change their details without breaking things. The @mention feature is VERY good, however it exposes everyone's email address and that is a HUGE security concern. Is there no way to use another field other than their email? I have had to disable the feature for now but would really like to use it.




Hello @venturesmart

The nicename-field is not automatically showing the mail. It onyl shows it if the mail is used as the registration-name. There is no way to use any other field for the mentioning-functionality because the nicename-field is the only one which guarantees uniqueness beyond all users.

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