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How to add an 'Avatar' link to your forum menu

I needed a way for my membership subscribers to add an avatar to their profile, which could then be used in Asgaros Forum. (My membership plugin purposely blocks access to the WordPress 'profile' page.)

Here is how I added an avatar link to the forum menu.

1. Install the One User Avatar plugin. This was recommended by the creator of my membership plugin. It's only function is to allow logged in user to add/update an avatar.

2. Using the Code Snippets plugin I added the code in this forum thread to my functions.php file.

3. In the above code, change the URL to the Page your forum users will visit to add/update their avatar, such as Also in the code change the word 'Example' to "Update Avatar," or something similar.

johnsonplaid has reacted to this post.

You can't add an avatar in the WordPress back-end profile page anyway.  The WordPress way is to simply load your avatar at Gravatar and link it to your email address.  It will be automatically used in Asgaros Forum and many  WordPress sites when you use that email address.