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Hotlinking for PDF's


I am wondering if there is a way to prevent the hotlinking of PDF's from the Asgaros forum. As of now you must be logged in to view any files posted the way our forum is configured. However, if someone copies the URL for a PDF taken from the site and distributes it, anyone can view that PDF by linking directly to the URL. Additionally the PDF may show up in search results if someone were to look using a search engine. Is there any way to prevent this right now?

Thanks so much,


Hello @spencerwalter1

Unfortunately I dont think there is a good protection for this. No matter where you upload a file: If someone knows the link and share it with friends, it will be out to the wild. Even when I block links from uploaded forum-files, users can still use some url-shortener service so that those links cant be detected as upload-links, but still point to the uploaded file.

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Thanks so much for the reply!

Are there any plugins or add on's that might prevent this issue that you are aware of people using?