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hello to everybody

Hello to everybody i'm Marco from italy i'm using your plugin forum, it's very light and fast now i need to integrate the login register pop up that i were using with your plugin,but i have a problem,when i try to access to the login pop up ,it's always stay in standby

Now i' searching for othe addons for updating the forum can you send my ,if they exist the link of other stuff?

Thanks to everybody.

Is there other italians here?

Hey @maikoweb,

what plugin are you using for Login and Register? Is it "Frontend Utilities for Asgaros Forum"? It seems like this plugin didn't get an update since a while.



Is your plugin working with the actual version of WordPress?

If you ever wonder how to return the favour for helping you.

Yes qualmy91  it si the Frontend Utilities for Asgaros Forum and i'm using the last version of wp wih the last version of php

Hey @maikoweb,

it seems like there are some bugs with this Plugin. I've mentioned @quenso (owner of this plugin), but it seems like he's not responding. You could also try to contact him at the support forum of WordPress. If he doesn't respond, you will have to use another plugin for login and register.

If you ever wonder how to return the favour for helping you.