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Frontend Utilities Addon

@robie-p @krissnikkers

Please tell me if it's working. Since I'm using the original WP Mail function the send the mails it usually has to work without an extra Plugin.

Will do... if and when I get a new member... 🙂 very slow forum...

Quote from Quenso on June 15, 2020, 8:20 pm


It will only apply the custom avatar if it exist. I don't know how WP User Avatar is processing their avatars. Maybe backup your page before activating or use a staging site to test it.

Hi Quenso,

Still loving this plugin!

It would be great if no custom avatar is uploaded, then it displayed a default custom avatar. Is this something you can consider?

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If no custom avatar is uploaded it will by default use the wordpress avatar/gravatar. But yeah! I can implement a default avatar.

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Hello @quenso and thank you for this amazing plugin. Any chance to implement recaptcha to login and registration form?

Regards from Romania.


any idea why the profile pictures in my forum are displayed as missing images? I have simply installed the Frontend Utilities and acivated the plugin and the corresponding function.

But no luck so far...

Kind regards,

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Awesome, thanks!

I am using Frontend Utilities for Asgaros Forum plugin to add profile picture from front end but the image uploaded as a cover image not profile image.

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Very cool program. I love. The entrance is much more beautiful than the standard Wordpress. The only request. How can I remove the capital letter when registering in the password and the required symbol. My users cannot understand the registration and leave the forum. Help me please.
Can I make a simple password when registering, without capital letters and symbols?