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Forums shows real not user name

Hi when user joins the site it shows there real name not there user name on post..?

How would i change this thanks

The only thing close to a "real name" that Wordpress has is the combination of first_name and last_name, if those fields are filled in.  They are not required by default.

The name that is shown in posts is the display_name.  The user can choose their display name from a drop-down list.  The choices would include username (user_login), nickname (which user can also set but is username by default), firstname, lastname, firstname lastname, and lastname firstname.

So I think posts would only show "real name" if the user enters that as their username and it becomes the default display_name, or they edit the appropriate fields and choose their "real name" as display_name.

Just to round this out, the tagging name (@name) is yet another field, user_nicename.  It is a sanitized version of the username suitable for use in URLs, without spaces, capitals, or special characters.  It is also altered if necessary to make it unique.

Yes it shows First Last name, not Username.

As admin i have a profile in the top right corner i can change that setting but users don't.
There is nothing in the top right or anywhere for user to change the setting.

New users now show as Username when registering now as i changed that setting but the ones already registered still have First Last Names and no way to change it.

When i click on the forums Profile and Edit Profile is just loops to the front page, no options.


Deactivated Ultimate User plugin and it works now

So i can't use that plugin?