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Fast passage

Thomas, hello! The forum is not very convenient to move between sections. If the user has written a message, then to go to another section, you must first go to the main page, then go to the desired section. Long. On phpbb this is implemented using the "Go" button. As an example:
There is a "Перейти" button on the bottom right. Clicking on it opens a drop-down list of forum sections. You can immediately move to the desired section.

P.S. Not many offers are issued? :))) I try to do it in doses so that you can comprehend and accept or reject :)))

Hi @erenbur

Thank you for your suggestion. I already was thinking before to add such a functionality, but I dont really see some big enhancement in there - especially regarding access-time:

  • Click dropdown
  • Click on forum
  • Click on go

Currently the alternative is like the following:

  • Click on overview
  • Click on forum

Basically its one click less, except the fact that an additional page-request is required. However, I will evaulate it for future updates. 🙂

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I agree, this is a slight improvement. Just used to doing so on another forum and it seemed convenient to me.