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Good morning,
I want to delete these messages: You need to log in to create posts and topics.

I don't want to register users.
The forum is to act as my insights from the world.


Allow Guests to leave messages in the forum in the settings.

I understand.
But I mean completely blocking the forum for external users.
They can only read and browse.
I have a bad experience with a former forum.
I don't want to feel rudeness, profanity and other annoyances.

Best regards
- Marek Jarzynka

Good evening,
The message on the front side no longer displays on a yellow background.

- jarmar7

Hello @jeanne

Currently this is not possible and users have to opt-in manually for any notifications.


You can hide the login-message by adding the following code to Forum -> Appearance -> Custom CSS:

.notices-panel {
    display: none;


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