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Exporting attachments

Do you think I would be able to export all content, including uploads/attachments, to a different software in the future? I'd like the option to move to a more powerful forum software if we outgrow Asgaros, e.g. Discourse.

I know that all textual data can be exported, but what about uploaded files? My forum is about art so it will have many images. Do you know whether it will be possible to export posts so that all images can also be moved to a different software?

Hello @nibl

The uploads are all stored inside the "wp-content\uploads\asgarosforum"-folder. I dont have any plans to develop import/export-scripts. If you want to switch to another forum-software later, you have to ask the developer of this system if he provides any import-scripts for third-party forum-systems like Asgaros Forum.

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In der Tat hat der vorherige Kommentator recht.

Es gibt keine eindeutige Funktion zum Exportieren von Daten in ein anderes Forum. Es ist notwendig, mit dem Entwickler dieses Systems zu klären, ob er eine solche Möglichkeit bietet, damit Sie Ihre Daten in eine andere Softwareanwendung für Foren exportieren können.

Ich hoffe, ich war nützlich für Sie.

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