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First off, thank you for this wonderful plugin.  Usually when I try anything I consider "advanced"  I end up in tears but it has been only smiles with this forum plugin, so thank you so much. I also want to compliment everyone on your forums, I perused the showcase and I am really impressed, great job and thanks for the inspiration, it is appreciated!

I am a non-professional with all of this, just a girl carving out a little web space of my own haha.  Everything was pretty seamless getting things set up, and I am pleased, very straightforward for the rookie, THANK YOU.  I decided not to go full-width with my forum and kept the sidebar in order to use the "recent forum posts" widget, thank you for that.  I have been a longtime forum user, and I especially enjoy seeing a stream of recent posts - I find it really useful when I am following a forum and visit routinely.

I added the extra emoticons that was referenced in another thread and that went smoothly too!

My site is less than a month old and starting to get indexed and getting impressions but little traffic yet, so I was probably premature in adding a forum but I could not resist 🙂 I've always been a fan of the format over the years and am crossing my fingers it will serve me well down the line as I build up my site.

I have had a few spammers I think register without posting, I have just deleted the accounts and I added the 'stop spammers' plugin from the plugin directory.  I hope it will work, I just added it today so will let you all know if I have any problems.

My forum is located at:

Best of luck to all and thank you for this wonderful support forum.