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[EN] Profil picture doesn't show up in Forum messages


I found a similar message here but the answers are in German. Maybe the Asgaros Team should consider that your (marvellous) forum extention is used worldwide and English could be a more appropriate language to use in this Support section?

My question: When one creates a user profile, he/she can add a pix, but when the user starts posting messages in the forum, this pix doesn't show up.


Vanilia installation / WP 5.3.2


Hello @toulousaing

Asgaros Forum uses the built-in WordPress functions to get the avatar-image of an user. If you are using a plugin to let users upload avatars, it can be possible that it doesnt modify the links to take those avatars into account. I suggest you to contact it developers.

The following avatar-plugin is working fine with Asgaros Forum:

WP User Avatars

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