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Email or Private Message

I understand the forum does not have private message and I much prefer member to member email using a form for email.


I notice that is also not present so currently there is no way for a member to contact a member.


Even the email address does not display, there should be a setting that allows the email address to display in the member profile.

Right now the only option I see is to add the email address a second time into the Biographical Info field.


Any way to get the email address to display or have an email form?

Better yet a PM system?



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Hey @kamwest,

I would advise you to use Ultimate Member to set up a custom user profile. But keep in mind that a lot of users don't like it to display their email address in the internet.

For private messaging you should use a plugin like Front End PM.

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I use Buddypress and it works very well with the private messages

Email or private messages are different when it comes to getting a message to someone. Must you follow this and learn more new things about quality content. When you use email, you get a message right away, but when you use private messages, you have to wait for the individual to respond. If you want to communicate with someone, you need to pick the best way to do so.

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When you send an email, you may believe that the contents are private since only you and the recipients will view them. Unfortunately, this isn't the case; email is one of the least secure methods of communication available. Each connection is a possible weak spot where hackers might intercept the communication (known as a man in the middle attack). If a hacker gains access to a server, they can read every email that has been saved on it, even if it has been held for years. There are more to see at Nerd's Magazine.

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