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Do yourself a favor and Add Custom CSS The Easy Way!

I've had this nifty little plugin for a few months and it's done wonders for my site... It works great with Asgaros.

Ready for it, already?

It's called SiteOrgin CSS!

It gives you visual controls that let you edit the look and feel of your site in real-time. (Your Forum)!

Helping the average computer user to style text, images, color pallets all in real time. No, I'm not an affiliate I just love how this plugin works with Asgaros...

For example, I changed the bold post text inside the forum from Verdana to Roboto and I was able to space the characters to my liking.

Here's the video tutorial for beginners...

[No issues so far.]

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With SiteOrigin CSS, you can create your own responsive website design without the need for any coding, or even a single line of code. It saves me time and money so I can focus on what matters: the quality of my content.

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Very nice, indeed.
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Hover over the element for which you wish to create CSS on your site, right-click it, and then select Inspect Element from the menu. The HTML of the site is now docked at the bottom, and the CSS linked to the selected HTML element is to the right of it ( classes and IDs ). CSS (Cascading Design Sheets) is a programming language that is used to style and layout web pages, such as changing the font, color, size, and spacing of text, splitting it into numerous columns, and adding animations and other ornamental elements. Anyway, check out this street racing games for PC, you can download the game for free.

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