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Developed A Plugin

Hay, I am php developed and having 4 year of experience. When i have entered in the field i have found many who are facing different issues specially eCommerce owners, That is why i have decided to developed some different that help owners of eCommerce industry. So i have made few plugins that are helping many b2b eCommerce owners.


Check and let me know your view about my work.

Does the referral plugin work in this way?

1. Existing subscriber (WC Subscriptions) refers a person who buys a subscription.

2. The referrer then gets a discount on their own subscription each month, as long as the referee’s subscription is active.

Please let me know 😊

Hay ukbestrong, Thanks for your reply.

Sir for the mean time referral plugin not compatible with WC Subscriptions. For i will add this update in next version for sure.

Zubair you have developed very useful plugins, However I am already using some alternate woocommerce plugins of your plugins, But yes in future I will definitely assign some task related to plugin development for my website.